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A powerful, computer science oriented Discord bot.

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Want to see what she can do? Here is a non-exhaustive presentation of some of her features:

Run your code in any programming language directly on Discord 💻

Kirino can execute your code as plain text or as an attachment and give you its output in any programming language you want, thanks to Tio. Inputs, command line arguments and compiler flags are all supported.

A complete and customizable XP system 📈

Inspired by MEE6’s one, Kirino’s XP system allow many more features such as XP scaling, custom backgrounds, or roles rewards. And you can import the levels from MEE6's XP system in a few seconds!

Computer science utilities 💾

With Kirino, you can make a search on stackoverflow, consult a GitHub profile, perform radix conversions, send an explaination on how to send code on Discord, get resources to learn all kinds of programming languages, and a lot more!

Block sensitive words from your server

Tired of moderate your server to be sure the members don't talk about some very sensitives subjects? Kirino allows you to ban the words you don't want to see anymore on your server.

An innovative rules system 📜

Someone violated your server's rules? Kirino allow you to register your rules to remember members of them at any time.

And so much more ⌨️

Extremely versatile, Kirino has many other varied commands just waiting to be used.

You want to follow Kirino’s evolutions, you have questions, or you want help ?
You can join the support server when you want.

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